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Why Murals Are A Better Option Over Paint

Having your house painted over and over again every year or so is an expense quite hard to manage. Even harder if you have to select a different theme of color contrasting in different patterns.
Wall and ceiling murals DC offers you the benefits of completely replacing the need for paint as they express much more at a much affordable price. Here are some of the benefits of installing murals at your house instead of just repainting it.

Eye Catching

The walls and ceiling are large vacant spaces in your bedroom or living to be utilized and included as a part of the decoration theme that you have in your house. The size and colors of wall and ceiling murals can make your images more appealing and eye-catching.

Despite the decorations and furniture that you have placed in your rooms already, adding to the style of a room a mural design can compel people visiting your house to retain their gaze upon them for a good amount of time.

Making A Bold Statement

One of the pro factors of mural designs is that they are highly customization and can be anything of your liking. It is a ginormous image of any setting that you have selected in your mind, it can be a splash of vibrant colors, beautiful scenery, or a pick from your favorite band’s rocking concert.

Because the mural designs are available in custom designs, they make a great statement about your personality and liking almost instantly. As the statement goes “a picture speaks a thousand words” you communicate a lot about your liking from simple addition to your house.

Adds To The Value OF Your House

Many homeowners resist the thought of wallpaper mural hanging installation as it seems to be an unnecessary expense. What they don’t know is that it plays the part of any other wallpaper, but only a highly customized one.
It means that it surely does add to the value of your house. Making such bold statements with colors and also acting as a preservation of the wall underneath, it is an instant attraction for buyers. Houses with mural wall hangings are statistically shown to be sold off quickly and also at a much better rate than the house that does not have them.


Hanging murals are not only to be installed in your bedroom or living room, but it has a lot of commercial uses as well. Just like it drives the attention of any viewer to them at your home, it plays a major role in attracting customers to your store or business when it comes to commercial use.

You can have a mural hanging in your conference you, behind the front desk, or even outside your retail store that has an image of something affiliated to your business. After this, you will see a noticeable change and increase in the customer flow towards your business and retail store.

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