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How To Fix Your Stuck Window Updates?

Having the operation system of your laptop updated is a must-do thing. It not only makes you happy and contented but you can also keep your system protected from squash nasty bugs. Besides, these updates make your operating system run smoothly.

However, when it comes to getting the advantages of updating your system in terms of running it smoothly, that is not always the case. You will not always get the same results. Sometimes when you are updating your windows, you get stuck. Though Microsoft always tries to make the process hassle-free for you, things go out of the hand. If you are stuck in the middle of updates and looking for windows update troubleshooter guide, this article is for you.

Read in detail to know how you can have a quick windows update fix.

Turn The Updates Off & On Again

As soon as you find yourself stuck while updating windows, this is the best trick to follows. It often solves the problem. When you try turning off and on the updates, what happens during this process is that it clears out the temporary memory of your computer. This is not a magic trick but it often works. This turning off and on allows your windows to start again from scratch. However, if after turning off and on, the updates made on this computer on this are stuck in the background, you can restart them as normal.

Find Details On Windows Update Utility

When you are updating windows 10, and stuck in the middle of the updates, finding windows 10 update troubleshooter is quite easy. What you have to do is find the windows update page and know about the details. Whatever is going wrong with the updates, it will appear there. You can completely delete the updates from your update history and start the process again. This is the handiest option for troubleshooting. In windows 10, they have made it quite easier to troubleshoot the problem if the updates get stuck.

Run Microsoft Troubleshooter

Whether you are F, 7- this might help you when you are stuck during the updates. If you are in an urgent need of windows update troubleshooter for windows 7, consider running the Microsoft troubleshooter program. Here, you will find an option “fix problem with window updates” and soon you will be able to rectify the issue for permanent. Microsoft tries its best to make the process as much painless as it can and this option is available for all the operating systems of Microsoft.

Delete The Windows Update File From Cache

When you are done with all the other troubleshooting options, this is the time to open your cache and do all the process manually. Delete all the temporary files from the cache and start your window updates again. Hopefully, it will solve the problem and your stuck window will start updating again.

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